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Welcome to Soul Glow Artistry, here is our story..

How Did We Come To Be?

Soul Glow Artistry was created in April 2018 when I made the decision to move to exclusively cruelty-free products for the makeup services I had been providing since 2009. 

I had always been personally aligned with cruelty-free brands but noticed that although there were so many incredible products available, there was a shortage of professional artists who offered exclusively cruelty-free and vegan makeup services.

Over time I became an official stockist for a few intentionally selected cosmetic brands as my clients would often ask for recommendations and want to purchase products during their appointments.

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What I Love

I love making my clients feel confident, radiant and glow from within.

I genuinely love sharing anything and everything I've learned on my journey to help discover the shortcuts within your own - my goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to embody your favorite self, however that looks and feels for you!

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Why Our Store?

Anything I carry within the Soul Glow store has been carefully selected after buying and trying for myself, I don't - and won't - stock anything that doesn't meet my own (very fussy) criteria for performance, ethics, *and* value.

If you're curious about why I use a particular product or have a recommendation for something I should try, let me know! Or if you try something and aren't convinced it's top tier then I'd really love to know your thoughts so I can give you some extra tips and tricks, or find you a more suitable replacement! 

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